The Giftcard

Why not just print the photos ourselves at a store like Albelli or Hema?
The short answer is because their print quality sucks. It will last less than a year because the inkt, paper and binding quality are so low. The album will probably end up on the bottom of a book shelf or in your basement because it not something you want to take out over and over. When it comes to printing, you get what you pay for. This isn't just your latest trip to Bali you're printing, it's your heirloom, and they are created to stand the test of time. High quality albums come with archival inkt that lasts up to 50 years, natural skin tones, sewn spines and leather covers. It's an album that gets nicer every time you take it out. Before I started photographing weddings, I worked in the printing industry for years. I've seen everything from all out over the top off-set, hand made, one of a kind pieces to mass-produced zines. I love print products and I make them with passion. If you have any question about what option is best suited for you, just ask me when we meet up and I'll tell you all about it.
Do we have to add on an album while booking or can we purchase on later?
You can do either. A lot of my couples wait a few months until the wedding buzz has calmed down and they've had plenty of time to look at their photos. Some couples wait to get one as a one year anniversary celebration. There is no pressure to order one before the wedding, you can add it on at any time, even down the road.
How long does shipping take?
That depends on where you are based, as my albums and prints are printed and shipped from the EU. Albums' ground shipping within the EU is 3-10 business days + the production time of the album. After you've finalised your order the album be with you within 4 weeks [usually sooner than that).