Irish Family Wedding At Duna Beach Club Lagos • Christina & Luke

It’s a long one but a good one. Why Lagos? That’s what Christina and Luke’s friends were asking when they send out invitations to their wedding at Duna Beach Club in the Algarve. They’re such a sweet, funny couples, and it makes sense why people ask, why Lagos? 

Luke is the youngest in a family with 9 brothers (!) and he used to vaction in Lagos as a kid. All of his brothers had their wedding in the Algarve as wellm, because that’s how much they love this place! Lagos, if you’ve never been, is a beautiful, small beach town by at Algarve coast of Portugal. The wedding and event venues in the Algarve are ran by all sorts of free spirited creative people that are super pro at organising magical days. They honestly make it one of the best places to get married. Everyone who atended was so pumped to come to Portugal, and added such an electric excitement to it all. This being a new place, so it was an adventure for everyone really. 

Christina and Luke’s ceremony was outside at the beach. The energy of everyone attending and the look Luciana put together was entirely their own little we-came-from-the-uk-lets-always-dream-big-but-do-it-together style. They read their vows and said their I do’s under a little bamboo arbor alter in the bright Algarve sun. There were leaugh and tears and such a good hug before they finally walked down the asile the cheers, fist pumps and huge smiles. Can’t really describe it more than I have, and that’s part of the magic of photography, the images show what we can’t really tell. 

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