What will it be like to work with you?
If you want to see what others have said about shooting with me, you can see some words from couples I've worked with on Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Zank You and MyPerfectWedding.nl.
We're awkward in front of the camera. Is that okay?
Yes! Most of the couples I work with say that about themselves and the photos always turn out great! I am here to get you comfortable and to capture your natural dynamic. If you trust me and come with an open mind, you'll be great. Also, we're all different. Let me capture that for you, I wouldn't want you to mask that.
How do we pick a spot for engagement photos? And what do we wear?
Depending on your preference we can shoot at a spot that you love because it means something to you [first date pizza restaurant] or because it's just beautiful location. If you'd like, I can email a few suggestions. I also have an what-to-wear guide to help you prep for the photos.
How long have you been photographing?
I started with my dad's film camera when I was 19 and I've been hooked ever since. The first wedding I photographed was in the summer of 2018.
Do you shoot details? And family photos?
Yes. I know you spend a lot of time on the details [flowers, decor, etc.] and I always document it all during your day. I also think family photographs are important, so I always take formal family photos and bridal party photos. In my work candid moments and emotions are my priority, because those photos matter the most.
How much time will we spend taking photos on our wedding day?
This depends mostly on your preference and your timeline. We'll talk about it to see how you'd want to spend your time and plan accordingly. Some couples don't want to spend to much time away from their guests and the party so we do all their portraits in 30 minutes. Others want to spend more alone time so we spend about 1-2 hours away from the guest taking photos. I just want to make sure you enjoy yourself, so I'm happy to help you figure this out.
Do you offer discounts?
Nope, my rates are firm.
How does covering travel expenses work?
Some photographers work with set travel fees, but I've found that's not my way of working. In case your wedding takes place outside of Portugal or the Netherlands, all I ask is for you to cover the minimum (flight, transportation, stay) and I'll cover the rest! And if it works out on both ends I’m also more than happy to get picked up and dropped off at the airport to help you save €€€ on paying for a rental car! For booking, I will book the flights, (rental car) and stay. I will make sure to get your confirmation on logistics + price before booking anything, to ensure there are no surprise costs for you. Once booked, the payment for them is due within one week of receiving your invoice. You can estimate costs by checking how much hotels/airbnbs typically cost in the area we will be staying, how much a roundtrip flight is, and prices for rentals cars can be checked via www.sunnycars.com.
When will we get our photos?
No later than six weeks after your wedding. The day-after you'll already receive a preview with three highlight photographs of the day. For session such as portraits or couples it takes 3 weeks or less. I try to get them back to you as fast as possible while making sure I give all the time every image needs.
Do you help in the planning process?
Absolutely! I've shot weddings for 2 years now so I have a pretty good feeling for the industry in Portugal and the Netherlands. Let me know what you need help with, if you need recommendations, and if there's something I can do to make the process easier for you.
How do we book you?
To finalize a booking & set the final date, all you need is a signed contract and a 35% retainer. The 65% remainder is due 2 months in advance for weddings and 1 month in advance for shoots. If you contact me by phone or email we can walk through the whole process.