Top 11 Private Villas For Your Algarve Destination Wedding In The Sun

If you dream of saying “I do” while surrounded by sun, sand, and margaritas, then a destination wedding in the Algarve is perfect for you. And with more five-star beach resorts on the Algarve coast line than you can count on two hands, it's safe to say you have your pick of venue. To find the perfect one for you, first consider the size and vibe of your wedding.

The good news is no matter which resort in the Algarve you choose, you’re guaranteed two things: quality, flavorful cuisine, and damn good wines. And no matter which destination wedding venue you go with, rest assured that these Algarve resorts have teams of planners who are well equipped to handle all the details—a must-have, because you’ll want to enjoy your own wedding too, of course.



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01. Granvila Mansion

I hope you found this list of the top 11 places in the Algarve to have an luxury villa wedding helpful. Be sure to check out my other posts below!

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